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LGBTQ-Meds Admissions Flyer

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The Stanford University LGBT Community Resource Center

The CRC offers a range of programs that support queer community activities, living environments, and student organizations.

LGBTQ-Meds is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally group for medical students and those interested in queer health issues. We would like to extend our congratulations to you.

LGBTQ-Meds is an active group with events throughout the year. The Medical School, Stanford University, and the San Francisco bay area as a whole are very open and accepting environments for LGBTQ individuals. Please take a look around this website for information about our group, prior events, and queer life at Stanford.

The other gradute schools (Law, Business, Education, and etc...) at Stanford also have active LGBTQ groups. LGBTQ-Meds often coordiantes with those groups for social, educational, and political events.

I hope that you will attend the SMS admit weekend this spring. Please stop by the LGBTQ-Meds table at the student activities fair to join our email list and meet current student members. We also hope that you will attend our special "Out to the Castro" event for prospective students during admit weekend.

In recent years it is estimated that approximately 10% of each entering class identifies as LGBTQ.

If you have any questions about SMS or LGBTQ-Meds please contact us.


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